No Time To Grind

Bastion - No Time To Grind Episode 54

Kid clicks on a podcast, and a good one too.

Kid reads the description. It tells him what he wants to know. That this podcast could be what he's looking for. Kid don't have time to play games as much anymore, and this is the podcast that can tell him if it's the game for him. Maybe the kid has never played Bastion and wonders what the heck this narration is, or maybe the kid played Bastion when it came out and wonders if it still holds up. Whether it's about the Army Carbine or the Brusher's Pike. But this is the podcast for the busy gamer, and the kid knows it's worth his time.

The kid reads some more. He finds out that coming up next is Bayonetta! The Kid is thanked for listening - he's instructed to tell a friend and starting discussing your thoughts! He can do that at the podcasts facebook, No Time To Grind Podcast.

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